What does your favorite tea say about you?

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Are you a regular or occasional tea lover? Do you enjoy you drinking your tea by yourself or are you a social tea lover? Obviously there are some types of tea you like to drink more often that others. Some people like herbal teas, some like black, some like green..

But did you know that the tea of your preference may reflect your personality? Just like everything else, be it colors, beverages, food, music, the type of tea you reveals something about your character and personality.

Keep reading through this post, to find out what your cuppa tea says about you!


One of the most common herbal teas that (almost) everyone loves to have is chamomile. It has been used for centuries for its soothing and calming effect and health properties. Chamomile tea is as romantic as the flower looks. It’s soothing and relaxing and can treat from an upset tummy and a soar throat to a bad case of anxiety and insomnia. If you are a frequent chamomile tea drinker, you most probably are in search of tranquility and relaxation. You are romantic and in need for some time to yourself after a long day. You are looking for a moment to calm your mind and heal your spirit and create a beautiful experience with its sweet and mellow notes.

Green tea

Green tea is the epitome of health! Throughout the years this type of tea has gained so much popularity primarily due to its abundance of catechins that makes it a great health promoter. Green tea boosts your immunity, lowers cholesterol, helps with weight loss and so much more. It soothes and calms you but also fills you up with energy too. If green tea is your tea of choice you most probably are very health conscious, maybe even a yoga practitioner. You are looking for some piece of mind but at the same time for something to lift up your mood and revitalize you. You love simplicity and minimalism and always seek positive energy and good vibes.

Black tea

Black tea in white cup
Black tea in white cup

This is the most widely consumed tea in the world, drunk by millions daily worldwide. Simple. Classic. Bold. Energizing. Black tea is distinctively British, it is bold, strong such a classic. As simple and common this tea may be it reveals strength of character. It is classy and sophisticated, energizing and awakening. As a black tea drinker you are simple yet confident, charming and assertive. You know very well what you want but you are down to Earth at the same time as well. Black tea is a solid choice and you are as bold and daring as it is.

White tea

This is one of the most rare types of tea in the world. White tea, coming from the youngest tea leaves and buds of the teabush and being the least processed of all teas, is an antioxidant powerhouse. If this tea could symbolize something, that would be youth and purity. It yields a light colored brew, with a subtle aroma and taste. As a white tea drinker, you are sensitive and discreet,simple and pure, honest with an effortless grace. You could be a little immature at times and stubborn.. Just like a child but still with a pure soul. But even though simple and delicate, there is something regal about this tea. Let’s not forget that it was the preferred tea of the ancient Chinese royalty. It’s lingering aroma and fine, floral flavor offers such a luxurious experience that shows that you like the finest things in life and you always get what you want.


Peppermint tea is such a popular rejuvenator. The herbal infusion known for its slightly sweet, minty flavor is relaxing but uplifting at the same time too. If you love your peppermint tea you are always in search of something to calm you and reinvigorate. You are creative and always looking for a source of good energy. You may be overworked and need something to help you fight occasional anxiety and boost mental focus. You love relaxing but you want your mind can’t stop running. You are a creative thinker and love to produce.


Chai latte on red tea dish
Chai latte on red tea dish

This tea, even though it has been around for a very, very long time it became unbelievably popular the recent years. It is warming and comforting, strong and fragrant. If you love your chai then you probably crave that warming feeling it offers, the bold energy and exotic notes that come handy with each sip of it. Chai is spicy and so it means that you are risky and curious, always looking for some adventure. This tea just can’t be missing out of your favorites list. It is sweet and slightly spicy, aromatic and brings to your mind thoughts of traveling to extraordinary and unique destinations.

So what do you think? Do you find any of your personality traits in any of these descriptions? Of course the type of tea you prefer doesn’t necessarily determine your character and personality but maybe the choices you make can picture some of your mood and emotional states you may be in at times. Would you like to learn what type of tea suits your personality?

You can take this quiz from the artoftea.com and find out what your go to teas would be fore you!