Tea vs energy drinks: Why tea is better and as effective

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In a world that requires us to constantly run and satisfy our duties and complete our responsibilities we are often left drained out of energy and with limited time for ourselves. Our getaway drug? Energy drinks!

They are available from different brands and a myriad of flavors and different sizes, all containing the magic ingredient – the Western world seems to be addicted to- “caffeine” and an assortment of other ingredients promising to fill you up with the energy you are so in need for.

But have you ever wondered if these “miracle” drinks are good for your health? Multiple studies have linked regular energy drink consumption to many health issues and experts don’t recommend their use on a daily basis and in big quantities. In fact there is a drink that is as enjoyable and effective in boosting your energy but also much safer and healthier! What’s that?  Tea of course!

In this post I am explaining the reasons why Tea – whether regular or herbal tea – can be a powerful energy booster without being detrimental to you health like energy drinks.

  1.  Energy drinks are highly caffeinated. A single serving of an energy drink contains about 75 mg of caffeine while the same amount of regular tea (black, green or oolong) would only contain between 20 to 40 mg of it. Herbal tea is naturally caffeine-free. Overconsumption of caffeine has been proved to raise blood pressure, cause insomnia, headaches and even addiction. The healthy amount of caffeine found in tea make it a gentle stimulant. Drinking a few cups will give you that kick when feeling tired and not fully awake.
  2. Energy boosting effect of tea will last longer. Energy drinks have a much bigger depressing effect since they give you a large and quick dose of caffeine that makes you really hyper for a while but soon enough you find your energy reducing as fast. When drinking tea, your body absorbs the caffeine much slower keeping you energized for much longer.
  3. Tea is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Energy drinks contains numerous essential for you body nutrients as well but as stated by an expert (you can read his article here), they contain large doses of several vitamins such as vitamins B that you may not necessarily need and raising the risk of toxicity. Tea on the other hand is rich in healthy amounts of vitamins and antioxidants such as vitamin C, A, E, folic acid, manganese, potassium and much more, making each cup a healthier choice.
  4. Tea helps you reduce stress. Another great substance found exclusively in tea is the aminoacid L- Theanine which has a calming effect on your body and mind. It has the ability to increase alpha wave activity in the brain which occurs when you are in a wakefully relaxed state. In addition to that it prevents damage to brain cells and promotes the production of new ones. L-theanine and caffeine combined may improve alertness. On the other hand energy drinks increase stress hormones and heart rate, exacerbating existing anxiety.
  5. Energy drinks are rich in sugar. In a single serving of energy drink there is approximately 27 grams of sugar (7 teaspoons), enough to threaten your waistline and health in general. Tea is naturally sugar free. However you can sweeten it as desired, although I doubt that 7 teaspoons of sugar are required. 
  6. Tea is hydrating to your body. The high doses of caffeine in energy drinks act as a diuretic leading to loss of fluids which if not replaced with water intake can lead to dehydration. Also, it is said that the combination of caffeine and guarana (an ingredient often found in energy drinks) leads to dehydration. Tea, even though containing some caffeine, is as hydrating as water with the added benefits of antioxidants.
  7. Tea is good for your oral health. Energy drinks can take a terrible toll on your teeth not only because of huge amounts of caffeine and sugar but also because they are carbonated. Their high acidity cause tooth enamel to erode leading to tooth decay. The most frightening fact about that? Eroding can start in as little as 5 days! However, tea is rich in fluoride which lowers the acidity of saliva contributing to less cavities and stronger teeth and gums.
  8. Tea is relatively inexpensive. Depending on the type of tea, it will cost you between 10 cents and 70 cents per cup if bought in loose leaf type or teabags. An energy drink will cost about 2 dollars and more depending on the brand and type. So tea is much friendlier to your wallet!

How much tea should I drink for noticeable results? 

Even a single cup of tea can make you more alert and energized but you can have more if you desire daily. Tea makes a great afternoon snack, when you feel like your energy is dropping and you are in need for something sweet. Generally 4 to 5 cups of tea daily are ideal to get the most benefit out of it and keep your energy going!

Have I convinced you? After all, if it’s natural it’s better, don’t you think?