Tea for relaxation – tea recipe for relaxation and good sleep

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Are you looking for something to relax you after a tiring day ? Something to soothe and calm your body and mind and help you just leave the day behind you and ensure a wonderful night’s sleep? www.1001teafacts.com has a tea recipe to suggest that promises to do all the above!

The lemon balm and chamomile in this tea are mild sedatives that will soothe your stomach and and guarantee you quality resting while catnip will calm your mind and uplift your mood. Lastly, the passionflower will relieve any muscle tension and contribute to an overall physical relaxation.

Ingredients for five servings:

  • ½ cup lemon balm
  • 3 teaspoons catnip
  • 5 teaspoons passionflower herb
  • 1 teaspoon chamomile

Mix all your ingredients well in a bowl and then place in a glass jar or a tin. Make sure you close it tightly. Store your blend in a cool and dark place for no more than a year.

Directions to brew one cup

  • 1½ cup water
  • 1 tablespoon of your blend

Bring your water to a boil. Pour the water into a teapot and then add a tablespoon of your blend. Steep for 9-10 minutes. Strain and serve hot. You can add some honey of stevia to sweeten. I guarantee you that you will love the taste and aroma of this tea and it will relax you like nothing else!

You will sleep like a cat!

If you are a fan of teabags and find it easier to just place your tea or herbal blends in a tea bag and steep like that you can find excellent quality disposable paper tea filters. Adagio has great paper tea filters that are large enough to fit a good amount of tea and very convenient to use.

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