Tea for acne – fight acne with these 3 types of tea

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Acne is the most common type of skin condition in the world. Most people develop acne at some point in their life and everyone who has to deal with it knows how overwhelming it can be. Luckily, treating acne is not impossible today since there is a ton of medicine and skin care products promising to cure you from it. But who knew that you can easily eliminate these unwanted blemishes naturally with something as simple as tea?

In this post I have listed the best kinds of tea that can help you fight acne and get you the clearest skin ever. What’s even more exciting? Those teas are absolutely safe to use, they are healthy, delicious and… they won’t hurt your wallet.

So which are these magic teas?


Rooibos is an evergreen shrub grown exclusively in South Africa. Rooibos tea, a herbal infusion made of the leaves of the plant has been a favorite beverage in South Africa for ages. The past years rooibos tea has started to gain great popularity in the Western world too due to its innumerable healing properties, one of which is alleviating acne too as testified by users and scientific studies. Rooibos, naturally caffeine free and low in tannins is rich in antioxidants such as aspalathin and nothofagin and flavanoids such as luteolin and quercetin, all contributing to its super antioxidant, antibarecterial and immune regulating properties. Drinking rooibos tea helps prevent damage to your skin by protecting it from the harmful free radicals and toxins. Also, it helps regulate the immune system when fighting acne by reducing inflammation and redness. Another beneficial chemical compound in rooibos is zinc, which is known to balance hormonal imbalances capable of triggering acne.

How to use Rooibos tea for acne?

Rooibos can be either consumed as regular tea or used topically to cure acne. To get the most benefit of it it is recommended to drink more than 5 cups daily. Also, as suggested by a scientific study it is better to steep rooibos tea for up to 10 minutes in order to get the full benefits of its antioxidants. Using it topically as a cleanser or toner can be very effective on minimizing acne causing bacteria and inflammation. To make your own toner simply brew some rooibos tea, let cool down and using a cotton ball apply on affected skin.


Green tea, one of the most common kinds of tea, has started to gain great popularity the past years due to its numerous heath benefits. It has highly antioxidant and immune-boosting properties due to antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A and selenium. Another beneficial compound found in green tea is the polyphenol EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). Green tea fights acne by protecting the skin from harmful toxins and promoting skin regeneration. It regulates the immune system and balances hormones. Also, green tea contains zinc which kills acne-causing bacteria.

How to use green tea for acne?

Green tea can also be consumed orally or topically to treat acne. Drinking 4, 5 cups daily can help reduce breakouts and clear up your skin. Water temperature and steeping time depends on the type of leaves but generally you should use hot but not boiling water and steep no longer than 3 minutes. Topical use of it can show improvement on skin appearance. Numerous cosmetic products today contain green tea extract which can be as effective in the treatment of acne as benzoyl peroxide. You can make your own toner easily by steeping some green tea for 5 minutes and applying to skin after let cool down.


Spearmint, an herb belonging to the mint family and often confused with peppermint is a common flavoring agent in dental products but also makes a very tasty and healthy herbal infusion. Full in antioxidants it is mainly known for its anti-fungal properties. Drinking spearmint tea on a regular basis may protect the skin and prevent the formation of acne lesions. Spearmint has the ability to prevent the sebum found on the skin from oxidizing, which means turning hard and clogging up the skin’ pores which leads to acne. Another great benefit of spearmint is that it can reduce the activities of androgens in the body. Consuming spearmint tea has been shown to lower the levels of free testosterone which is known to trigger acne in teenagers and women.  By preventing these male hormones from releasing, spearmint tea balances hormones and prevents the sebaceous glands from producing excess sebum and causing breakouts. Spearmint also stimulates the production of estrogen (female hormone) so it is very effective for women with adult acne worsening around their menstrual cycle.

How to use spearmint tea for acne?

In order to see improvement in the skin’s appearance and less acne it is suggested to drink 2 cups of spearmint tea daily. To prepare it, steep the leaves or teabag in boiling water for 4 minutes. For women struggling with adult acne it is especially beneficial to consume more spearmint before their menstrual cycle. That helps regulate hormones and controls breakouts around this time of the month.

Please note: The information contained in this post is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice and/or treatment by a licensed physician. This is not meant to cover all possible precautions, drug interactions or adverse effects. Even though though these teas are relatively safe to use by anyone and side effects are rare you might want to consult your physician before starting any therapy with it, especially if pregnant or suffering from other conditions.