Tea calendar

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Do you love innovative products? I do! And this is one of the coolest products I have seen in a long time! I have seen all kinds of calendars available out there but how about a tea calendar? What do I mean by “tea calendar” your question might now be..

This is product created by Hälssen & Lyon, one of the dominant tea companies in Europe that is located in Germany  and has built a great reputation due to its more than 130 years in the tea business. They are known for their first-class tea products but this one blew my mind since it’s absolutely adorable! It has also won several design awards worldwide..

So here it is: A calendar made out of 365 pages formed from tea that has been pressed in very thin pieces. All you have to do is boil some water, rip off each day’s tea, steep, and enjoy a cup of tea!  

Ok honestly I haven’t tried this one since it was produced as a limited edition only so I can’t promise you that this would be the best tea you have tried in your life, but it’s truly one of the cutest products that I would certainly buy as a gift for a friend that loves tea!

Would you?

If you are interested in their products check them out:

A unique collection in a calendar for tea. Daily tea for 365 days.

The link: https://www.haelssen-lyon.com/services/product-development/creative-projects/