Springtime tea

Best Springtime Wake-Me-Up Tea Recipe

I don’t know if you noticed but spring is here and the nice weather the past couple days and daylight savings are making us so happy after a long winter. If you are like me and during the cold winter tend to be not so active and like to indulge in heavier foods and desserts … Read More

Homemade chai spiced syrup

Homemade chai spiced syrup

Source Image and recipe: tastykitchen Warm, aromatic spices, strong tea and steamed milk, make chai lattes the ultimate drink for any day: rainy, cloudy or sunny. Chai lattes are delicious, fragrant and somewhat expensive too when bought in cafes. If made at home, they may be a little time consuming too since they require a … Read More

Masala chai madeleines with brown sugar and honey

Masala chai madeleines with brown sugar and honey

Source image: BronMarshall Who could say no to a nice, soft and buttery madeleine with their hot cup of tea on a rainy afternoon? Madeleines are the ultimate little treat to enjoy with tea and are ubiquitous in most tea parties. Those French little desserts that are something between a cookie and a cake are … Read More

Matcha pound cake

Matcha green tea pound cake recipe

Who can say “no” to a nice piece of pound cake? Sweet and buttery, this rich cake made traditionally with a pound of butter, flour, eggs, and sugar is a favorite dessert among many of us. The recipe can be interpreted in different flavors, from simple sour cream and chocolate ones to exotic fruity ones. … Read More

Earl grey madelienes

Earl grey tea madeleines with honey and lemon

Madeleines are a favorite treat to have alongside with a sweet cup of afternoon tea. Fluffy, sweet and buttery, who can’t say no to these little sponge cakes? The traditional French, shell-shaped dessert can be found in many different flavors such as orange, lemon, chocolate but it can also be made with tea. And we … Read More