Springtime tea

Best Springtime Wake-Me-Up Tea Recipe

I don’t know if you noticed but spring is here and the nice weather the past couple days and daylight savings are making us so happy after a long winter. If you are like me and during the cold winter tend to be not so active and like to indulge in heavier foods and desserts … Read More

Fennel and cardamom tea

Fennel and cardamom tea to warm up and keep healthy

A cup of warm herbal tea makes the perfect candidate for cold winter days. There are tons of herbal teas that are equally healthy and delicious but one tea you should have regularly have is fennel tea. Fennel seeds have been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese, Indian and Western medicines not only … Read More

Soft drinks in supermarket

Tea vs energy drinks: Why tea is better and as effective

In a world that requires us to constantly run and satisfy our duties and complete our responsibilities we are often left drained out of energy and with limited time for ourselves. Our getaway drug? Energy drinks! They are available from different brands and a myriad of flavors and different sizes, all containing the magic ingredient … Read More

woman with constipation

Constipation – top teas to cure it naturally

One of the most common conditions from which people suffer often nowadays is constipation. There is lots of factors contributing to this very private healthy problem, such as poor diet, inadequate water intake, lack of exercise and even the use of certain medications. But one thing is sure about constipation. Its symptoms can be extremely … Read More