Green tea in teapot

DIY Green Tea Rinse for Healthy Hair

Whether you are looking for a drink to refresh and invigorate you or to protect you from colds and fill you up with energy, green tea is the way to go. Green tea is simply amazing but did you know that besides a load of health benefits and great taste, it is immensely beautifying too? … Read More

Green tea eclairs

Amazing matcha green tea eclairs

Just like 99% of this world’s population I have a sweet tooth! I love to treat myself a tasty dessert once a day (sometimes more often) and I also love to bake my own desserts and try new recipes. One of my favorite desserts ever is the eclair. Every time a travel somewhere I am … Read More

Green tea white chocolate cupcake

Awesome green tea white chocolate cupcakes

Happy Sunday everyone!! Sundays are a perfect day to bake and enjoy tea and desserts with your favorite people! This is a wonderful recipe I found and you should definitely try! Green tea is wonderful for you but how about green tea as an ingredient for cupcakes? These are some delicious green tea cupcakes with … Read More

Green tea in silver

Magical green tea – reasons to drink it

We talked before about black tea and its incredible health benefits and today I want to introduce you to green tea and explain to you how it can have a wonderful effect on your health. Green tea just like every other kind of tea (except for herbal tea) comes from the tea bush camellia sinensis. Green tea has gained … Read More

Mighty Leaf Organic Green tea

Mighty leaf organic green dragon tea review

Product:  Mighty leaf organic green dragon Price:  1 pack of 15 pouches for $11.00, 100 pouches foil wrap $63.00 My rating: 4 out of 5 I am a huge fan of green tea. I have been drinking green tea religiously for the past 8 years and I will never quit this habit. It tastes wonderful, it relaxes … Read More