Chocolate shavings in a heart

Top 5 Chocolate Tea Blends To Enjoy this Valentine’ Day

There is no Valentine’s day without chocolate. It is impossible to imagine visiting your loved one and not bringing a box of truffles. It’s the ultimate little gift symbolizing love, that you can give. But what if your loved ones are tea lovers as well? Tea and chocolate pair excellently together but did you know … Read More

Top 10 Earl Grey Dessert Recipes to Try Before You Die

One of the most famous tea blends in the world, recognized for its distinguishing sweet and floral fragrance and its full-bodied flavor, is Earl Grey. The beloved black tea flavored with oil from the rind of bergamot orange -a citrus fruit with an appearance and flavor similar to that of grapefruit and lemon combined- took … Read More

Matcha protein bars

4 DIY gluten free & vegan matcha protein bars for energy

Snacking is inevitable in our daily lives and that is totally fine as long as your snacks don’t sabotage your diet or nutrition. Doctors actually suggest eating a healthy snack -rich in protein and vitamins and low in fat and sugar- in between your meals, since it prevents you from overeating at meal time and … Read More

Rhubarb pound cake and cream

Rhubarb pound cake and black tea cream

Rhubarb is a deep red-colored, celery looking like vegetable with tart flavor, often mistaken for a fruit. It is usually found in many sweets and desserts, especially in pies. Here, I will share with you the most exotic rhubarb recipe you could have ever imagined of! While looking a good recipe for a rhubarb dessert to accompany … Read More

Matcha pound cake

Matcha green tea pound cake recipe

Who can say “no” to a nice piece of pound cake? Sweet and buttery, this rich cake made traditionally with a pound of butter, flour, eggs, and sugar is a favorite dessert among many of us. The recipe can be interpreted in different flavors, from simple sour cream and chocolate ones to exotic fruity ones. … Read More

Chamomile Ice cream

Salted honey and chamomile ice cream

All of us love a hot, steaming cup of comforting chamomile with some honey, accompanied by a good book while snuggling in bed during the cold winter nights. But frankly, the last thing you would think of when hearing the word chamomile is ice cream. The aromatic, golden-yellow infusion is known for its relaxing effects … Read More

Earl grey madelienes

Earl grey tea madeleines with honey and lemon

Madeleines are a favorite treat to have alongside with a sweet cup of afternoon tea. Fluffy, sweet and buttery, who can’t say no to these little sponge cakes? The traditional French, shell-shaped dessert can be found in many different flavors such as orange, lemon, chocolate but it can also be made with tea. And we … Read More

Nestle crunch green tea

Green tea candies you won’t believe exist

Tea is a great ingredient to add to our favorite desserts. Recipes with tea are extremely popular but how often do we see candy sold in stores that actually taste like tea or simply contain it? If you’ve ever been in Asia you must be familiar with candy that list Tea -mainly Green Tea- as their … Read More

Tea infused cookies with chocolate chips

Homemade tea-infused cookies – gluten free and vegan

The good thing about tea is that you can pair it with almost everything when it comes to food or dessert. You can have your favorite cup of tea with a fatty breakfast, a light sandwich, any meat, a piece of cake, a scone, fruit.. You name it! Perhaps the most common thing to accompany … Read More