Rhubarb pound cake and cream

Rhubarb pound cake and black tea cream

Rhubarb is a deep red-colored, celery looking like vegetable with tart flavor, often mistaken for a fruit. It is usually found in many sweets and desserts, especially in pies. Here, I will share with you the most exotic rhubarb recipe you could have ever imagined of! While looking a good recipe for a rhubarb dessert to accompany … Read More

close up of black tea

Is black tea good for you?

10 Black tea health benefits that will amaze you Black tea is the most widely consumed kind of tea around the world and that is no wonder since it has so many health benefits to offer. There are many different varieties and blends of black tea but they all share common characteristics.Black tea is more … Read More

four different types of tea in teabags

What are the main types of tea?

As mentioned in a previous post all kinds of tea come from the same plant “camellia sinensis”. There are four main types of tea. Wether you drink black, green, white or oolong tea depends on the process the leaves have undergone. So what is the difference between every kind of tea and what makes each … Read More