Spearmint tea for weight loss

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The great majority of adults today are in need to lose weight even if that means shedding a few inches occasionally. There is a ton of supplements available in the market today that promise to do that exactly -help you burn fat and lose weight- but their safety is questionable. Many of these often contain ingredients such as stimulants or laxatives that can promote weight loss in an unhealthy way.

Here, I have a totally healthy herbal tea to suggest that can successfully aid with weight management and loss while at the same time satisfying your taste buds. What is that? Spearmint tea!

Spearmint Tea

Spearmint tea -unlike regular tea that comes from the camellia sinensis plant- is made by steeping the dried leaves of spearmint, an herb of the mint family. Spearmint tea has been used for centuries to treat various ailments such as digestive issues, headaches and fatigue and is particularly recognized for its anti-fungal activity.

Spearmint Tea & Weight Loss

  • Suppresses Appetite

Spearmint tea can benefit the digestive system in many ways, one of  which is suppressing appetite too. A curbed appetite has as a result your feeling full sooner after each meal and feeling hungrier less often. That means you would visit your kitchen less often in search of sugary, calorific treats that could threaten your waist line.

  • Zero Calorie Beverage

A cup of unsweetened spearmint is calorie free. Many specialists suggest drinking a non calorific beverage before each meal to make you feel fuller and help you  reduce the portions you eat. That alone could help you lose more than one pound per month.

  •  Regulates Hormones

If you think that you struggle with your weight because of your hormones then you would be pleased to know that spearmint tea can help. Spearmint tea has been shown to release excess estrogen in the body that leads to weight gain, and enhance fat burning types of testosterone. Drinking this herbal infusion regularly could help you regulate hormones and as a result burn some fat easier.

  • Spearmint & Diet

Keep in mind that spearmint alone cannot work miracles unless it is combined with a healthy diet. Drinking spearmint tea after overindulging in fatty and sugary foods will not help much. You should try adopting a healthier lifestyle in general and try to replace other beverages with spearmint tea. It is a great weight loss supplement and drank regularly will lead to some notable results.

How to Make Spearmint Tea

To make your own spearmint tea, bring your water to a boil and then remove from heat. Add one teaspoon of tea leaves per each cup of water. Let steep for 5 minutes. You can steep for more or less time depending on how strong you want your tea to be. Pour into a mug and enjoy!

You can sweeten your tea as you desire. However, remember unsweetened will be more effective for weight loss. If you still want your tea more flavorful or sweet, opt for a healthy sweetener, alternative to sugar such as honey or stevia!

Ready to try spearmint tea for weight loss?