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PMSing – best kinds of tea to treat PMS symptoms

Won’t these headaches leave you alone? Do you feel bloated, tired, constantly irritated, suffer from cramps, mood swings or depression? Yes, you are PMSing! Again! But don’t worry you are not alone. Almost 85% of menstruating women nowadays suffer from at least one of these symptoms monthly and just like you, know how frustrating that … Read More

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Tea & Water – Why water quality is important for your tea

After water, tea is the most popular beverage worldwide. In order to make tea you need water of course. A cup of tea is prepared of 99% of water but this is often the one ingredient overlooked. People always look for the best brands of tea and the finest leaves available, beautiful tea-ware and fancy … Read More

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Can tea help you sleep better?

These 3 herbal teas can Do  you have trouble sleeping? Is your stressful routine preventing you from quality resting? I know how that can feel. You’re running all day doing a million things and at the end of the day you are exhausted but as soon as you get under those warm blankets your mind … Read More