fight arthritis pain with nettle tea

Fight Arthritis Pain with Nettle Tea

Arthritis today affects approximately 350 million people worldwide including men, women and even children. The symptoms of the joint disorder are unpleasant and often very painful and distressing to the patient. But have you ever thought that relief from arthritis pain can be found in just a cup of tea? And more specifically, stinging nettle tea! … Read More

Top 10 detox teas to buy

Detox teas are teas and herbal tisanes that can be used specifically to detoxify, rejuvenate and boost our energy after overindulging in fatty foods and alcohol or simply feel dull and unenergized. Packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins these types of teas are the best choice to curb our sugar cravings, cleanse and fuel our … Read More

Spearmint iced tea

Spearmint tea for weight loss

The great majority of adults today are in need to lose weight even if that means shedding a few inches occasionally. There is a ton of supplements available in the market today that promise to do that exactly -help you burn fat and lose weight- but their safety is questionable. Many of these often contain … Read More

Cup of Matcha tea

Matcha tea for diabetes

The health benefits of Matcha green tea are well established, with more and more studies proving that its potent antioxidants can enhance our wellbeing in so many different ways from boosting our metabolism and detoxifying, to calming the mind and body and prevent disease. One of the myriad of health benefits that the Japanese powdered green tea … Read More

Breville one touch tea maker

Breville one-touch tea maker review

Product:  Breville BTM800XL Tea Maker/Kettle – 1.6 qt.Price:  $279.95 (retail)Place to Buy: Breville.comCapacity of Kettle: 51 oz (1.5 L)Guarantee: 1 Year Full WarrantyMy Rating: 9.5 out of 10 Why you need a tea maker in the first place If you are a devoted tea lover you must know by now that not all kinds of tea require the same preparation … Read More

Mint Julep Sugar

Best natural sweeteners for tea – forget white sugar

Some people like their Tea plain. Some others like it sweetened. This will always cause a debate among tea lovers but, let’s admit it most of us need a few drops of some kind of sweetener to enhance our cup’s taste and eliminate the bitterness. Now the question is not whether sweetening our tea is … Read More

Soft drinks in supermarket

Tea vs energy drinks: Why tea is better and as effective

In a world that requires us to constantly run and satisfy our duties and complete our responsibilities we are often left drained out of energy and with limited time for ourselves. Our getaway drug? Energy drinks! They are available from different brands and a myriad of flavors and different sizes, all containing the magic ingredient … Read More