Mighty leaf organic green dragon tea review

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Product:  Mighty leaf organic green dragon

Price:  1 pack of 15 pouches for $11.00, 100 pouches foil wrap $63.00

My rating: 4 out of 5

I am a huge fan of green tea. I have been drinking green tea religiously for the past 8 years and I will never quit this habit. It tastes wonderful, it relaxes me and is very detoxifying! I usually buy loose green tea leaves but I always keep some teabags in my kitchen cabinet. A few years ago I was introduced to Mighty leaf teas by a friend and this is a brand I always return to.

So what makes organic green dragon one of my favorite kinds of tea?


This green tea is delicate, fragrant, delightful. It has a nice robust but complex flavor and a great, fruity aroma that kind of reminds me of chestnuts. Green tea in general has one of the most potent antioxidants known to man and also contains L-Theanine which is a unique, calming amino acid found almost exclusively in green tea. You can enjoy it hot or iced.

Color of the beverage: 

When brewed, it gives a golden green-yellow color to your beverage.

Overall feeling:This tea is so refreshing and always manages to relax me and calm me after a tiring day. I will usually have it in the afternoon after I return home from work.


  • Tea bags contain satisfying quantity of tea leaves
  • Tea bags can be reused
  • Tea bags contain high quality, whole, large tea leaves
  • Tea bags can be composted (Good for the environment)
  • Enjoyable, flavorful taste
  • It’s organic (better for you and the environment)


If you steep the tea bag for too long you are likely to get a bitter taste which I personally don’t like a lot.

This is one of the best organic green tea dragon teas I have ever tried and I highly recommend it to everyone that likes green tea. I will buy and buy and buy again. Have you even tried Mighty leaf organic green dragon tea and have you been pleased by it? Leave your commend below..