Green tea candies you won’t believe exist

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Tea is a great ingredient to add to our favorite desserts. Recipes with tea are extremely popular but how often do we see candy sold in stores that actually taste like tea or simply contain it? If you’ve ever been in Asia you must be familiar with candy that list Tea -mainly Green Tea- as their main ingredient.

For the rest of you, has listed some of the most amazing candies made with green tea that will make you drool ! Most of these you already know but their green tea version is rarely  -if not at all- available in most countries.  Now I don’t know whether the added tea makes these healthier, however I find them interesting and worth giving a try!


We all know kit kats. We love the commercials and we love the candy too! Green tea kit kats are very popular in Asia and you can find them everywhere. Crispy wafers wrapped in white chocolate mixed with matcha will make your mouth water! They are as sweet as it takes and smell deliciously as soon as you open the bag! If you are a fan of kit kat and matcha lattes this one is for you!


Oreos are an all-time favorite American candy. Who hasn’t grown up dipping their oreos in a glass of milk? We have seen a bunch of different flavors available but.. green tea ones? Yes! Among other kinds of oreos you can also find matcha flavored oreos in Asia. What’s to be noted on these is that you shouldn’t expect any strong green tea flavor. After taking a bite you certainly notice the chocolate and buttery taste and you are left with a nice green tea aftertaste when you swallow. Those are interesting!

Another famous American candy, sweet and crispy crunch bars make a perfect snack when our sugar is low. We know them available in dark, milk and white chocolate but in Asia they are also available in a green tea version! Now imagine the satisfaction of the chocolate and crunch but with the added green tea flavor. These are made with white chocolate mixed with matcha and even though the white chocolate taste is more pronounced they offer a descent green tea flavor. I am sure you will love them!


These tiny little green tea melty kisses will give you all the energy you need in the afternoon in just a single bite. These green tea truffles are covered with a thin layer of delicious milk chocolate and sprinkled with dark coco powder. They are sweet with a unique green tea taste and as their slogan says, “Gently melt in your mouth like a snowflake”! Also, the packaging is adorable. If you are looking for a chocolate candy with strong green tea taste then you should definitely try these!


Pocky sticks are delicious in any flavor but if you are a matcha tea fan you will get addicted to them! Those crunchy sticks dipped into matcha chocolate are the perfect snack to munch on. The aftertaste they leave you with is lovely and you can’t just have one for sure!


These little green tea chocolates are a great treat for matcha chocolate fans. The package contains three different kinds of matcha chocolate. The crunchy type (with rice), the melty type (green tea chocolate with creamy green tea jam) and the rich taste type (with rich green tea chocolate). All with a silky smooth taste of matcha and creamy texture you cannot resist to!


Hershey kisses are everyone’s favorite little candy. It’s great to add on cookies and other homemade desserts and they are available in – God knows- how many different flavors. These green tea Hersey kisses were a limited edition in Asia only and unfortunately I never got to try them but I can definitely say that they look lovely and they must taste amazingly good! Too bad we can’t find them sold online.

What’s your thoughts on these? Have you ever tried another green tea candy that you found interesting? I would love to know!