Get beauTEAful – the perfect kind of tea for each beauty woe

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Let’s admit it.  We are all just mere mortals. All of us have these days when we didn’t get to rest enough, we feel sick, our skin looks like it lost its glow and the list goes on..

Whether it’s stress, lack of quality sleep or poor eating habits that keep you from feeling beautiful and energized there is that miracle drink that comes to your rescue. What is that? Tea of course!

From traditional tea to herbal infusion teas there is one kind to address every one of your daily beauty headaches!

Acne and eczema: 

Rooibos tea is a kind of tea exclusively produced in South Africa. It is loaded in vitamins (especially vitamin C) and antioxidants and it has anti-inflammatory properties. People who drank several cups of rooibos tea on a daily basis have noticed significant improvement in the appearance of their skin. Acne and eczema has decreased and skin looked healthier and glowing.

Tired eyes: 

Do you eyes look puffy and tired? Then drinking green tea would help reduce inflammation and rejuvenate you. Try to start your morning with a hot cup of green tea.  It’s rich in vitamins and catechins that will boost you energy and metabolism. Also applying green tea topically is a great idea since it’s rich in caffeine which can shrink the blood vessels under your skin. This leads to swelling and puffiness reduction under your  eyes, and the elimination of dark circles.


Did you know that you can keep those unwanted creases away by sipping white tea? Yes, you read right! White tea is not only amazing for your health but extremely beautifying also. According to studies white tea’s high levels of antioxidants can reducer the risk of inflammation and slow the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers (which are responsible for your skin elasticity and firmness).

Bloated belly and indigestion: 

Rushed meals, wearing tight clothing, eating irregularly or too much in one sitting, or consuming fatty foods, can all lead to bloating and a blah feeling.
To reduce bloating and that irritating abdominal feeling drink peppermint tea after a meal. A hot cup of peppermint tea will refresh and make you feel brand new.

Thin, dull hair: 

Black tea is unbelievably healthy for you and and it’s good for your hair too! Drinking black tea can stimulate hair growth and skin regeneration. It contains caffeine that blocks DHT, a hormone that is responsible for hair loss. Regular consumption may reduce shedding and make your hair more soft and shiny. It is also a good idea to rinse your hair with black tea. That can bring out natural highlights to your hair.

Tiredness and fatigue: 

Nobody likes to feel tired but hey.. this is life. We all reach out for caffeinated drinks on days like that but actually caffeine might not be the best choice to fight fatigue since it can make you feel even more exhausted after you drink it. Ginseng tea instead has been proven to temporarily relieve tiredness and weakness and is a natural energy booster!

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