Constipation – top teas to cure it naturally

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One of the most common conditions from which people suffer often nowadays is constipation. There is lots of factors contributing to this very private healthy problem, such as poor diet, inadequate water intake, lack of exercise and even the use of certain medications. But one thing is sure about constipation. Its symptoms can be extremely painful and frustrating. If you are one of the 63 million Americans affected from this irritating health problem and laxatives are not for you, bear with me as I have a natural remedy to suggest!

What is that? Tea of course!

These are the 9 best kinds of tea that have been used for generations to cure constipation problems and promise to relieve you from its awful symptoms.

Black tea

Even though modern medicine suggests to avoid caffeinated drinks when constipated since they may worsen the problem, black tea contains much less caffeine that coffee or sodas and it has been proven to be effective on treating it. Black tea with honey or agave syrup has been used for ages to relieve constipation, and it’s not only healthy but very tasty too!

Green tea

Green tea is one of the most popular kinds of tea nowadays but most people acknowledge it as only a natural aid for weigh loss. There is a ton of health benefits that these magic leaves have to offer and among these are that it can also be a great alternative medicine for stomach disorders. It can help treat digestive problems, nausea, bloating and even constipation! Moreover it is packed with vitamins and antioxidants so besides helping you relieve from constipation, it’s very beautifying too!

Dandelion tea

I am sure most of you have seen this weed in your yards but did you know that you can make tea out of it? The leaves of the plant have diuretic effects  and its roots can be effective in blood purification.

Dandelion tea can act as a mild laxative so next time you happen to suffer from constipation you may need to consider collecting these weeds and making some tea!

Burdock root tea

This is a traditional Chinese herb that has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for a number of ailments. Burdock root tea can be very effective in fighting inflammation and infection in the intestines, therefore it can also help with constipation.

Clove tea

Cloves not only can give a great taste to your favorite dishes but can also help you with bloating and constipation. They are known for their anti-fungal and antibacterial properties and people have been using them for ages to soothe the digestive tract. Making some tea and adding cloves and honey to it can be one of the most effective home remedies for constipation! This tiny spice is powerful! 

Peppermint tea

The most enjoyable way to treat constipation is in my opinion peppermint tea. In a previous post I have explained how beneficial can mint tea be for digestive health in general.

Peppermint tea, naturally caffeine-free, can soothe stomach aches, improve digestion and it has been proven to help with constipation problems as well.

Licorice root tea

This powerful herb is known for its anti-inflammatory effects and can be one of the best ways to cure constipation. Licorice root may help treat ulcers and digestive problems.

Drinking licorice root tea can treat chronic constipation by promoting peristalsis (the process of forcing stools in the large intestine through the gastric system). The only problem is that not everyone loves the taste of it.

Senna tea

This is one of the most common herbs used in teas for constipation, that you will find in the markets. Senna is an herb with powerful laxative properties that can provide effective relief from constipation. It is approved as a non-prescription laxative and is also used to treat irritable bowel syndrome. It should always be used sparingly since overconsumption may cause potential negative side effects.

Tulsi tea

Tulsi also known as India’s “Queen of herbs”, is one of the healthiest kinds of tea you can find. It is rich in antioxidants and has been shown to support the immune system, increase stamina and endurance and protect from stress. Aside from all that, it has been proven that drinking some tulsi tea when constipated can definitely help the body relieve itself.


Whichever one of these teas you chose to try when being constipated I would advise to add honey and/or lemon since they both not only can give your tea beverages great taste but they can also offer some additional help keeping constipation at bay!