Breville one-touch tea maker review

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Product:  Breville BTM800XL Tea Maker/Kettle – 1.6 qt.
Price:  $279.95 (retail)
Place to Buy:
Capacity of Kettle: 51 oz (1.5 L)
Guarantee: 1 Year Full Warranty
My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Why you need a tea maker in the first place

If you are a devoted tea lover you must know by now that not all kinds of tea require the same preparation method. Every kind of tea is unique and to offer the most in taste and flavor it has to be prepared using water at a specific temperature and be brewed for a specific amount of time. If you make your green tea using boiling water for example, and you brew for too long you will end up with a biter cup that doesn’t allow you to enjoy the tea’s distinctive flavor and fragrance. A tea maker like “Breville one-touch Tea maker”, allows you to adjust the water’s temperature and brewing time creating the perfect cup of tea without having to worry about whether your water has reached the right temperature or how long you have been steeping those leaves in it. As a result, a tea maker not only saves you time but also doesn’t require you using additional accessories such as pots, strainers and thermometers when making your tea. And all that simply with the press of one button! How cool is that?

Product Overview

The Breville one-touch Tea maker is a revolutionary product because it prepares tea in a wholly new way, making your tea experience fun and easier than ever. It contains a tea scoop and a built-in 10 0z. tea basket-strainer spacious enough to fit adequate amount of leaves and letting them expand fully.

What makes Breville one-touch such a unique product is that it is fully programmable for all types of tea (black, green, white, oolong,herbal), water temperatures, and steep times. All you have to do is fill the tea basket with your favorite leaves and the kettle with water, then simply select in the menu the type of tea you are about to make, the brewing time, how strong your want your tea to be and the tea maker will do the rest.

The tea basket automatically moves down when the water reaches the proper temperature and then lifts when your leaves have infused the tea for the time needed, avoiding it from over or under steeping.

It also allows you to control the temperature and brewing time and adjust it as you desire for other varieties of tea or according to your preferences. Your infusion will be ready within just a few short minutes and you will be pleasantly surprised by its flavorful taste and its pure aroma.

The LCD timer on it monitors your tea’s freshness, showing you how long it has been since its steeping.

A lovely feature of it, is the “Basket” button which if pressed, will make the tea basket raise and lower continuously throughout the entire brewing process so that the leaves are nicely agitated inside it and release more flavor and aroma. Another useful setting, the “Keep warm” button, will keep your tea warm for 60 minutes without it continuously brewing in that time.

Also with the Breville one-touch tea maker you are given the “Auto Start” option so you can simply chose to have your tea ready at a specific time of the day. There is nothing better than waking up to freshly brewed, fragrant and delicious hot tea in the morning.

What’s even more appealing about it? This tea maker prepares tea quietly so you don’t have to worry about disturbing others at your house.

You can watch the video bellow for more details on how to use the Breville one-touch Tea maker and its unique features.

Cleaning up is the easiest thing ever

One of the reasons most people hesitate buying devices like this one is the complicated cleaning process of it. You must be thinking how hard it will be to clean this carafe each time after use. Well this is not a problem at all with the Breville one-touch Tea maker.

The tea basket is very easy to remove and absolutely safe to put in the dishwasher. The German-made Schott glass kettle is durable and stain resistant. After use, you can simply remove it and wash it using a sponge, warm water and soap and then let dry. It can’t get any easier!

Why it’s worth the price

Yes, this is not the cheapest tea maker out there but there are a number of reasons why it is worth the price.

-First of all this tea maker is fully customizable so it uses the precise method to brew each kind of tea perfectly every time, saving you time and eliminating the guesswork. You can have tea more or less strong according to your liking and you can choose to have it stay warm after brewing.

-It brews 6 cups of tea at once!

-It gives you the option to have tea made any time of the day simply by choosing what time you want it brewed at. It is very easy to clean and the carafe is stain resistant and durable.

-You can also brew coffee with it or simply heat up water. —This is a tea maker that will last and work excellently for many years to come so you really pay what you get for. Plus, it comes with a 1 year full Warranty.

-Last but not least, this is the more elegant and professional looking gadget you could possibly add to your kitchen counter that will offer you innumerable delicious cups of tea and make your kitchen look even more fashionable and sophisticated!

-The only con about this tea maker is that the carafe cannot be found for sale by itself so in can it breaks you won’t be able to replace. However this would be rather difficult to happen since it is very durable!


  • Effortless to make perfect tea
  • Tea comes out exactly right
  • Water temperature is held while tea is steeped
  • Can be set to brew tea at a programmed time
  • Prepares tea in just a few minutes
  • Can also function to just make hot water
  • Can also function to brew coffee
  • Keeps tea hot for 1 hour after brewing
  • You can prepare up to 6 cups of tea at once
  • Very easy to clean
  • Saves you time
  • Includes a tea scoop
  • Works in 120v, 1500 watts, 60hz
  • It will work great for many years
  • 1 year Full Warranty


  • Carafe is not available for sale by itself

If you are serious about your tea and want to enjoy a perfect cup every time, this tea maker is for you. This is a spoiler that shouldn’t be missing out of any tea lover’s kitchen. Very easy to use and with unique features that allow you to enjoy the most tasty cup of tea every day. There is no doubt that the Breville one-touch will satisfy you each and every time!