Best natural sweeteners for tea – forget white sugar

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Some people like their Tea plain. Some others like it sweetened. This will always cause a debate among tea lovers but, let’s admit it most of us need a few drops of some kind of sweetener to enhance our cup’s taste and eliminate the bitterness. Now the question is not whether sweetening our tea is good or bad because we will continue to do so regardless, but rather what kind of white sugar substitute we can use to make our tea more flavorful, yet still healthy.

In this post, I have some great recommendations for healthy and gourmet sweeteners that will add some unique sweetness to your daily cup!


Maple syrup is a well known add-on to pancakes and other breakfast favorites but did you know that it can be found in the form of sugar as well? If you love maple syrup, you will love this one too. Sweet and slightly bitter with some caramel notes this maple sugar will make your breakfast tea taste great.


Even though sugar is known to be a not so healthy choice, unrefined sugar won’t hurt you. This brown sugar is not like the ones you have seen before. Smoked in repurposed Kentucky bourbon barrel staves this granulated brown sugar will give your tea a smoky and caramel-ish flavor! You have to try it for sure!


Another unique sugar that most tea lovers would love is this Mint Julep sugar. Named for the official drink of the Kentucky Derby, Mint Julep Sugar will add some refreshing and invigorating minty flavor to your tea that you will not be able to resist to. Give it a chance, you will not regret it.


Honey is one of the healthiest ways to add some extra flavor and sweetness to your tea. This artisan, organic white Kiawe honey is exclusively produced in Hawaii and produced in very limited quantities. Creamy and delicate this unfiltered honey has a floral scent, silky smooth texture and tropical flavor and is one of my favorite high-end honeys. It also comes in ginger and lavender flavor but I prefer the original one.


Another white, creamy honey from Hawaii, this naturally crystallized yumminess has a distinct delicate and floral flavor. This unheated and unfiltered honey comes from bees gathering nectar from Lehua blossom. According to the legend, picking Lehua blossom brings rain. Rain represents the tears of princess Lehua who was separated from Ohia, her lover. This honey is a little pricey but it comes in a big jar and it is well worth it.


Tupelo honey, also known as the “Queen of honey”, is of unsurpassed quality. It never crystalizes in the bottle and it comes from bees collecting nectar from flowers that bloom only for two weeks every spring on the Southeastern White Tupelo trees. Savannah Bee Tupelo honey is plain delicious and will add sweetness to your tea without overpowering it. This honey, you have to try!


Spicy honey? Sure why not! Spicy honey is starting to get more and more popular for food recipes but it also compliments excellently a cup of tea. This honey is spiced with chili peppers and you couldn’t find a better combination. It gives your tea a kick of spiciness that you will certainly love. Especially beneficial if you are suffering from a sore throat. It’s simply great!


Another honey worth trying is this Solar Bee’s Wine Country Wildflower honey. This honey comes from bees in Sonoma. It is rich and thick, with a full bodied flavor and pairs excellently with any kind of tea. This honey is great addition to your sweeteners. 


Manuka honey is a miracle honey. Known for its incredible health benefits and great taste it is starting to gain great popularity in the Western world. Wedderspoon organic Manuka honey is one of the best that you can find in the market today. Antibiotic and GMO free, this unpasteurized honey comes from remote pristine areas of New Zealand’s South island. Every batch of this product gets tested for pollen count, live enzymes and antioxidant components. This smooth, thick-set honey has a rich and full flavor and will make your tea sweeter and remarkably healthy!


A very good all-natural alternative to processed sweeteners is agave nectar. Madhava raw Agave nectar is a great quality one. It is organic and comes from the Weber Blue Agave Plant which is grown in the Sierra Madre Mountains. It is delicious and low glycemic but much sweeter than sugar so a small amount is enough to make your tea sweeter. It is safe to use by everyone and it is low in calories.


Another very tasty and healthy add-in you can use instead of sugar for tea is coconut sugar. It comes from the nectar of coconut palm tress and it is low-glycemic and rich in vitamins and other healthy minerals. Navitas Naturals coconut sugar is my favorite because it is not only of superior quality but also I like the fact that it comes directly from the farmer and it is fair-trade certified. It looks and tastes much like brown sugar but it also has a hint of caramel. It is a  great option for those who like their tea very sweet but need to cut down sugar.

With all these healthy and delicious sugar alternatives, are you still using boring white sugar for your Tea? I am not.