About me

Hello, my name is David. I have been a devoted tea lover for many years. I am ecstatic about trying new types of tea and expanding my knowledge of tea.

I started this website because I wanted to introduce the world of tea to more people. I wanted to educate and uplift people already drinking tea. Additionally, with any subject, there are controversial and downright false information spreading – and these too I hope to shine some light on.

David Kartuzinski

This delicious drink has been around for thousands of years. The ancient Chinese realized its healing powers for the body and for the mind. Today, tea is the second most commonly consumed beverage in the world, second only to water.

However, in western culture, tea has in many ways been turned into a sugary, nutrition-less commodity that misleads people and robs people of the true benefits and experiences available.

I believe that we, the tea enthusiasts and the tea connoisseurs, have an obligation to educate more people and to fully educate anyone searching in the health, spiritual and practical sides of tea.

On these pages, you will learn about the history of tea, brewing tips, recipes, news about tea from all over the world and many interesting facts as well!

Hopefully, you will join me as I explore the practical, economic, historical and spiritual aspects of this wonderful world of tea.