Chai tea in mug

6 Great benefits of Chai Tea

History of Chai Tea One of the most famous tea mixes, also known as Masala Chai Tea (Which means spiced tea), dates back to 9,000 to 5,000 years ago in Indian or Thai lands, and its purpose was to be an ayurvedic cleansing drink. Ayurveda is a traditional medicinal practice in which herbs and spices … Read More

Easter egg colored with tea

How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally with Tea

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your Easter with your family and friends and having lots of fun today! If you celebrate Easter then you most probably color eggs. Now most people (myself included sometimes) buy artificial dyes from stores but as you may know, the tradition of dyeing eggs has been … Read More

Girl scout cookies

How to Pair Girl Scout Cookies with Tea

One of the main reasons (and one of the few after such a long winter) to be excited this time of the year is girl scout cookies! This is the season when you see those cute little girls that are full of joy and excitement scout cookies selling girl scout cookies and of course you … Read More

Tumeric tea

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric Tea

If you are a fan of Indian cuisine you most probably are familiar with turmeric. And if the name doesn’t say anything to you, you still recognize the characteristic orange color, a warm, peppery taste it yields to food. For all of you that don’t know what turmeric is, it is a powder spice, also … Read More

Chocolate shavings in a heart

Top 5 Chocolate Tea Blends To Enjoy this Valentine’ Day

There is no Valentine’s day without chocolate. It is impossible to imagine visiting your loved one and not bringing a box of truffles. It’s the ultimate little gift symbolizing love, that you can give. But what if your loved ones are tea lovers as well? Tea and chocolate pair excellently together but did you know … Read More

Kenyan tea worker

10+ Interesting Facts about Kenyan Tea

Everyone raves about Chinese, Indian or Japanese tea and for no wonder. These countries have been producing tea for many centuries and have undoubtedly mastered the art of it. But tea is not only grown in these areas of the world. One of the biggest tea producing countries in the world -that you probably don’t … Read More

Jing Emperor Liu Qi

Oldest Tea in the World Was Discovered in Ancient Chinese Tomb

Tea is known to be one of the oldest beverages in the world. It has been consumed since ancient times for its medicinal properties and rejuvenating effects on the body and mind. But how old do you think some tea can actually be? Just when we thought that a 30 year old pu-erh is the … Read More