Korea's expensive tea

This is Korea’s most expensive tea

Image credit: Tea at morning crane tea Even though not as big as other countries in Asia, Korea is also a tea-drinking county. Tea drinking in Korea most likely began during the Silla Dynasty (57 B.C.-A.D. 668) with a beverage made from tea seeds brought from China. Today there are plenty of tea plantations in … Read More

Tea leaves with strainer

7 myths about tea you should forget

For many of you tea is a new experience. Maybe you decided to add it to your diet because you keep hearing about its promising health benefits, or because you are trying to cut down coffee or because you are curious to taste the different varieties and flavors that occasionally become popular. Whatever the reason … Read More

Ginseng root

Fight stress with ginseng tea

Are you dealing with a stressful situation? Who doesn’t in today’s busy world? All of us have bad days, often get overworked and overtired. Having stress is not the most pleasant thing; On the contrary it is overwhelming, exhausting and a very unhealthy situation too. But you don’t have to feel like that and you … Read More

White tea

White tea benefits

Photo credit: Simple Loose Leaf Meet the supreme drink of health We keep hearing about the well lauded health benefits of green tea tea but there is another kind of tea that has as many properties to offer -if not more- and deserves our attention. White tea, the rarest type of tea, comes from the youngest … Read More

Ancient tea set

History of tea in the world

For most of us tea is such a common drink  and so well integrated into our routines that we never give much -if any at all- though into where it comes from and what its history is. Well, our beloved beverage counts a little over 4.000 years of age, although it only got introduced to … Read More

Countries that drink the most tea

Map – countries that drink the most tea

Turkey is the real king of Tea – China not so much We would all assume that China, the country where tea originated, would be the place where people consume the most tea in the world. And that is partially true since 1.6 billion pounds of tea per year are consumed in there, making it … Read More

Rose hips

Rose hip tea health benefits

Even though today they are commonly known for their use in beauty products, rose hips have been used for medicinal purposes for generations. Rose hips, also known as rose haw or rose hep are the fruit of rose bushes and come from two rose varieties: Rosa gallica and Rosa canina, which are native to Asia, Northern Africa and Europe. These typically orange or red … Read More

Chamomile tea in a cup

Chamomile tea and longevity

How can chamomile help you live longer Chamomile tea is one of the most famous herbal infusions, found almost in everybody’s kitchen and known for its soothing and relaxing effects on the body and mind. If you are a chamomile tea lover you will be pleased to know that your favorite tea is one of the … Read More