Thai iced tea

Thirsty? How about some Thai iced tea

Hello everyone! Spring is in the air and all I want is just walk outside in the sunshine wearing colorful spring clothes, go to parks, try new restaurants and of course drink iced tea! I am always looking for easy recipes on tea and and tea desserts and I found this recipe which captured my … Read More

Matcha green tea ice cream

Green tea ice cream – easy to make and delicious

I don’t know about you but I love ice cream. I can have ice cream every day and any time. I had green tea ice cream before and I really liked it! I think it has a unique taste that you should all get familiar with! I found this recipe online and it’s so easy-since … Read More

Green tea creme brulee

Green tea creme brûlée recipe

Creme brûlée is one of my favorite desserts but who knew that I could make a green tea one? Matcha green tea is miraculous for your health but it’s an amazing ingredient to use for desserts! It gives desserts a unique taste and smooth texture that you will love! This recipe is easy and this … Read More

Green tea white chocolate cupcake

Awesome green tea white chocolate cupcakes

Happy Sunday everyone!! Sundays are a perfect day to bake and enjoy tea and desserts with your favorite people! This is a wonderful recipe I found and you should definitely try! Green tea is wonderful for you but how about green tea as an ingredient for cupcakes? These are some delicious green tea cupcakes with … Read More

Green tea matcha donuts

Delicious matcha green tea donuts

So I was on surfing Youtube, looking for green tea recipes and I found this. I love donuts and I love Matcha tea too. This recipe looks really easy and I think it’s worth trying it. I am not the best baker in the world but never hurts to try. So I think that for … Read More

woman's face with great skin

DIY awesome green tea face toner

Do you have oily skin? Visible pores? Acne? Don’t worry, green tea can put a smile on your face since it’s not just beneficial for your health in general but your skin only!  It is loaded in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking green tea can help balance hormones but applying it to the skin … Read More

Ice tea ice cubes

Iced tea cubes for less watery iced tea

There is nothing better than a tall glass of iced tea in a hot summer day. It is tasty, refreshing and rejuvenating and can be enjoyed in so many different flavors and any time of the day. So we all enjoy our iced tea but we there is something annoying about it. It eventually waters … Read More