4 Unusual Tea Cocktails to Have This New Year’s Eve

The new year is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! If you are thinking about inviting some friends or family over to ring in the new year with an intimate party you better make sure you leave your guests pleasantly surprised with unusual  and unique refreshments. We can’t countdown the new … Read More

Matcha peppermint fudge

5 Festive & Delicious Matcha Recipes for The Holidays

Matcha is an addiction to many and that is no wonder since it is such a delicious and healthy addition to your everyday routine. It can be used to create pretty much anything from simply tea to lattes and baked goods. And since matcha is ubiquitous in so many tea lovers’ lives it couldn’t be … Read More

Warm mug of tea

Fight Colds and Flu with this Powerful Homemade Tea!

Winter is the most cozy season of the year. There are so many reasons to celebrate it. Big, heavy coats and long sweaters, movie nights at home with warm beverages and good food, and lots of cuddles! Nobody could ask for more! But there is a downside to it too unfortunately. Colds, flu and everything … Read More

Matcha macadamia nut butter

Amazing Matcha Macadamia Nut Butter

Source: recipe & images: eatthriveglow There is nothing better than a nice, thick and smooth butter spread on a warm bagel in the morning. Nut butters are delicious and nutritious at the same time and should be included in everybody’s  diet. They make a perfect addition to our breakfast and a filling snack. They are also … Read More

Top 10 Earl Grey Dessert Recipes to Try Before You Die

One of the most famous tea blends in the world, recognized for its distinguishing sweet and floral fragrance and its full-bodied flavor, is Earl Grey. The beloved black tea flavored with oil from the rind of bergamot orange -a citrus fruit with an appearance and flavor similar to that of grapefruit and lemon combined- took … Read More

Matcha protein bars

4 DIY gluten free & vegan matcha protein bars for energy

Snacking is inevitable in our daily lives and that is totally fine as long as your snacks don’t sabotage your diet or nutrition. Doctors actually suggest eating a healthy snack -rich in protein and vitamins and low in fat and sugar- in between your meals, since it prevents you from overeating at meal time and … Read More

Homemade chai spiced syrup

Homemade chai spiced syrup

Source Image and recipe: tastykitchen Warm, aromatic spices, strong tea and steamed milk, make chai lattes the ultimate drink for any day: rainy, cloudy or sunny. Chai lattes are delicious, fragrant and somewhat expensive too when bought in cafes. If made at home, they may be a little time consuming too since they require a … Read More