green tea skin care mask

DIY Green tea face mask

Your skin will love it! Hello everyone! It’s Friday, the work week is over and it’s time to relax, take some care of ourselves, rejuvenate and get ready for a great weekend. What a better way to rejuvenate than with a nice, cool face mask. Face masks are great for your skin, they clean and … Read More

woman with constipation

Constipation – top teas to cure it naturally

One of the most common conditions from which people suffer often nowadays is constipation. There is lots of factors contributing to this very private healthy problem, such as poor diet, inadequate water intake, lack of exercise and even the use of certain medications. But one thing is sure about constipation. Its symptoms can be extremely … Read More

Yerba mate tea

What allergies? Fight allergies with these herbal teas

It’s that frightful time of the year again when your nose won’t stop running, your eyes are itchy and watery and the headaches won’t go away. Yes spring is in the air and it’s supposed to be the most beautiful and creative season of the year for you and your loved ones but if you … Read More

herbal tea

Can tea help you sleep better?

These 3 herbal teas can Do  you have trouble sleeping? Is your stressful routine preventing you from quality resting? I know how that can feel. You’re running all day doing a million things and at the end of the day you are exhausted but as soon as you get under those warm blankets your mind … Read More

Green tea in silver

Magical green tea – reasons to drink it

We talked before about black tea and its incredible health benefits and today I want to introduce you to green tea and explain to you how it can have a wonderful effect on your health. Green tea just like every other kind of tea (except for herbal tea) comes from the tea bush camellia sinensis. Green tea has gained … Read More

Herbal tea in cup

Introduction to herbal tea – 5 kinds that you should try today

In previous posts we  talked about the main types of tea which come  from the tea bush camellia sinensis which originates from China and the Middle East. Today I am going to briefly introduce you to herbal teas and some of the varieties that are commonly consumed  around the world. Herbal tea or tisane is an infusion beverage made from anything else other than … Read More