Tea latte

Don’t like tea? Make it more enjoyable

So, you know that tea is really good for your health and you are trying to convince yourself to have that cup of tea every day, but you can’t seem to enjoy its bitter taste that much.. Tea is wonderful for your body and mind and you should definitely give it a second chance. Luckily … Read More

Yerba mate tea

What allergies? Fight allergies with these herbal teas

It’s that frightful time of the year again when your nose won’t stop running, your eyes are itchy and watery and the headaches won’t go away. Yes spring is in the air and it’s supposed to be the most beautiful and creative season of the year for you and your loved ones but if you … Read More

Tea being poured

How to judge tea quality

Is your tea as good as you think? There are so many different brands of tea nowadays in the market to chose from that lead you to believe that they are high quality. But are all kinds of tea available out there really high quality teas? Of course not, since there are also a lot … Read More