Easter egg colored with tea

How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally with Tea

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your Easter with your family and friends and having lots of fun today! If you celebrate Easter then you most probably color eggs. Now most people (myself included sometimes) buy artificial dyes from stores but as you may know, the tradition of dyeing eggs has been … Read More

Top 10 detox teas to buy

Detox teas are teas and herbal tisanes that can be used specifically to detoxify, rejuvenate and boost our energy after overindulging in fatty foods and alcohol or simply feel dull and unenergized. Packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins these types of teas are the best choice to curb our sugar cravings, cleanse and fuel our … Read More

Tea set with flower

Best teas for afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is a custom originated in the 1800s amongst the wealthy classes in England and ever since it constitutes a daily ritual for the majority of British. It is a great occasion to gather with friends and socialize while enjoying a cup of tea and having a light meal, usually including gourmet sandwiches, sweets … Read More

Tea kettle

How to clean your tea kettle

If you are a Tea lover you most likely own a tea kettle to heat your water up before infusing your favorite tea leaves in it. Our tea kettles serve us well on a daily basis, they boil our water in no time and whistle when it’s ready to be used. They are such useful … Read More

Hanging tea bags

Amazing uses of tea for home and beauty

Tea is a wonderful thing. It is rich in antioxidants and has countless health benefits and a delicious brew to offer. But not many people know or even thought that those precious leaves and brewed liquid have much more to offer that that. Usually we steep our tea and then we proceed to throwing our … Read More

Tea and milk

Why milk in your tea may be a bad idea

Many tea lovers -especially the British- cannot imagine their cup of tea without a bit of milk to  cut the bitterness and add some extra flavor to it! Most people would agree that tea simply pairs perfectly with milk and that habit is difficult to cut. Now it’s true that some tea lovers simply drink … Read More

Teaput and teacup

Why does your tea taste bitter, and how to avoid it

You know that Tea is great for you but what if it doesn’t taste that great? Buying the most expensive kind of tea leaves will not guarantee you tasty tea necessarily. Your brewed tea’s taste depends on many different factors such as leaves quality, proper storage and of course correct brewing techniques.  Preparing Tea is … Read More

water faucet

Tea & Water – Why water quality is important for your tea

After water, tea is the most popular beverage worldwide. In order to make tea you need water of course. A cup of tea is prepared of 99% of water but this is often the one ingredient overlooked. People always look for the best brands of tea and the finest leaves available, beautiful tea-ware and fancy … Read More